GWR023 - B_D_ - I Still Live There


DIGITAL // Pay What U Want :: I Still Live There

B_D_’s latest release is more of a split than a collaborative album.  Dan gives his classic hartfelt folk songs, while Brian gets to showcase some of his lo-fi, shoegazey material.  Oh and see if you can pick out Conner’s guitar.

Released 19 December 2013

      Recorded by Brian and Dan

      Art by Brian

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GWR022 - Vulpixic - Kachina


DIGITAL // Pay What U Want :: Kachina

This is Vulpixic at it’s best.  Coming back with his signiture folk hop sound, he creates an atmosphere that is full of texture and satisfies the whole sonic spectrum.

Released 26 October 2013

      Recorded by Dan Koestner

      Art by Dan

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GWR021 - Meris Trope - Heart Melts


DIGITAL // Pay What U Want :: Heart Melts

Sickly sweet folk.  Upbeat and mathy, with bedroom intimacy.

Released 14 December 2013

      Recorded by Sean Russell

      Art by Sean 


an old one i been sittin on

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GWR020: Vulpixic - Birds of Paradise


DIGITAL // Pay What U Want :: Birds of Paradise

Tropical beats and island sounds to soothe your soul…. oh and you can dance to it (blast dys shittt).

All album proceeds go to The Jimmy Fund, in loving memory of Leah Tepper.

Released 25 May 2013

      Vulpixic is Daniel Koestner

      Art by Jesse Cline

1 Jun 2013 / 0 notes / release vulpixic 

GWR019: Sea Glass - Death Surprised Me with Flowers


DIGITAL // FREE :: Death Surprised Me with Flowers

Death left him roses by the stairs, surprises let him know it cares…

Released 21 May 2013

      Sea Glass is Conner McBride

      Mixed and Written by Connor

      Art by Brian Chitester

28 May 2013 / 0 notes / release sea glass 

GWR017: Carnival Comp!

DIGITAL // FREE :: Download Carnival

A collaboration between 9 young folks, scattered all across the country, each writing and recording a song based on the theme “Carnival”

Eat a bunch of junk food and throw up on the merry-go-round.

Released 20 April 2013 
Recorded Everywhere!
Mixed by Everyone!
Album art by Vorpal Sword

11 May 2013 / 0 notes / release 

GWR016: B_D_ & Sea Glass - You Still Live Here


DIGITAL // FREE :: You Still Live Here

You Still Live Here is about coming and going and staying.  From the Long Island Sound to the Jersey Shore to San Diego. Travelin’ folk as good for the car as it is for the boat or the plane.

Released 11 March 2013

B_D_ is Dan Cryan Brian Chitester and Dan Koestner

       Mixed by Dan Koestner

       Recorded in Rhode Island / San Diego

Sea Glass is Connor McBride

       Mixed by Connor

       Recorded in New Jersey

Album art by Jesse Cline

12 Mar 2013 / 0 notes / release 

GWR015: Duryea Gode - Gauntleture


DIGITAL // FREE :: Download Gauntleture

Gauntleture, the first solo release by Duryea-Gode (Evan-Daniel Rose-González) is an experimental electronic album bridging the aural gap between ancient cave music and the year 3000.

Released 1 January 2012

Recorded/Composed/Mixed/Performed by Evan-Daniel Rose-González

Album art by Evan-Daniel Rose-González

GWR014: Sean Russell - Autumn in Ivy

DIGITAL // FREE :: Download Autumn in Ivy

Eerie, sad folk songs you can drink to.  Recorded in the bedroom with a bottle of whiskey, the way it should be listened to.

Released 30 October 2012

Mixed by Sean

Album art by Sean